Preparation For Spray Tanning

Make sure your skin is moisturized properly.  The more supple your skin, the better the coverage and absorption will be. It is
recommended that you exfoliate with a salt scrub or other appropriate product the day before you come in for your SPRAY tan.  
It is recommended you shave the day before you tan.  Removing loose, dead, dry skin cells that could prevent even application
of sunless solution will improve and extend your tanning results.

Before SPRAY tanning, your skin should be clean and dry with no soap residue to interfere with your tan.  Avoid bar soap.

Do not apply deodorant or perfumes to skin prior to tanning.  It is recommended you remove makeup before the tanning
process.  Remove any jewelry when being sprayed.

Select an old, preferably dark, bathing suit, lingerie, or underwear (bottoms required) while being sprayed.  Also remember to
bring dark colored, loose fitting clothing to wear home.  Do not wear nylon, silk, or wool.

If you are tanning for the first time (pale skin), or if you feel you need to, you could apply a product over your entire body to
lower your skin's pH level.  We have the pH wipes available, just ask us.  It has been shown that a balanced pH level of skin may
provide browner, more natural looking color.

Although the likelihood for an allergic reaction is very small, a patch test is recommended for persons who have a known sensitivity to
sunless products or the ingredients in them, including fragrances.

Very fair skin types may require a follow-up sunless application 12 to 24 hours later.

After all sunless treatments, wait at least 5 to 8 hours before bathing or exercising to allow the DHA bronzer enough time to begin the
reaction process.  The longer you wait, up to the 8 hours, the darker the color may become.

                                               Post spray tanning

Be aware of any "rubbing" that might cause the DHA bronzer to rub off before enough time to absorb has passed (i.e. hanging purse
on forearm or over shoulder).  When you wash your hands, make sure the water only contacts the palm of your hands and rub them
gently together, patting them dry.  Do not rub or soap the backs of your hands/fingers or it will remove the bronzer before it can
absorb.  After or during eating and drinking, do not "wipe" mouth with a napkin, you could cause a whiter ring around your mouth.

You may notice the DHA does not absorb evenly, do not worry that is not unexpected.  If there are any "dry" areas of skin, it may take
longer for the bronzer to absorb.  When you take the water shower, it will even out.

Remember, your first shower (up to 8 hours after being sprayed) is to be WATER ONLY.  When you get out of the shower, pat
yourself dry gently...DO NOT RUB.  Apply moisturizer.  You can take a real shower shortly afterward, but remember to pat yourself
dry.  Keeping your skin moisturized is the best way to extend the spray tan as long as possible.  

Things that could make it fade faster are...shaving - the more often you shave, the more often the skin is exfoliated.  Face clensers
have "exfoliating" beads or processes to remove the dry skin cells and can cause the color to fade.  Dove soap, liquid soaps with
exfoliating beads, loofa sponges, pumice stones, wash cloths and anything else that might cause the skin to be exfoliated will fade the
tan before it's time.  Remember to pat yourself dry and again...moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!

Please remember that having the DHA bronzer on your skin does NOT protect your skin from sunburn.  You will still need to use
sunscreen.  Ocean water, beach sand and pool water may make the color fade faster and more uneven, as well.   Your color may not
fade evenly, but you can use a loofa to fade the edges and can apply a tinted lotion to help keep the color as supple as possible
during the fading process.  Again....moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!

And please, feel free to call and ask any questions you might have.  If I don't have the answer, I will find it for you.  The best options is
to call ahead for an appointment, but ask and I may be able to fit you in on short notice too.

17 years old and under need signed parental permission for initial spray tan.  It can be sent digitally to 203-770-6830 worded as

I, (parent's name) grant permission for my child, (child's name) to have an airbrush spray tan service at Touch of Summer Tanning
Salon and Spa. Thank you, (Parent's signature).    [place parent driver license on the note so I can "verify" signature and text note to

Lori Sartwell posted to Lynda Touch of
Summer 12/13/2011:

I've been meaning to post, but Lynda did an
amazing spray tan for me in the Fall! The
color was perfect and coverage was flawless...
and price was unbeatable! I highly
recommend one for any Holiday parties you
may be getting glammed up to attend!