Our Level 1 Elixir 36/3 bed features 21 x
100 watt reflector lamps in the canopy, 15 x
100 watt reflector lamps in the bench and 3
x 650 watt adjustable facial lamps.  It comes
equipped with adjustable high power fans
SunFresh Air Ionizer for an extremely
comfortable tanning experience.  Tan time -
15 mins.
Our Level 2 Elixir 40/3 bed is the bed you
have demanded - more tanning, more
features.  The Elixir's frosted acrylic exterior
houses a superior tanning experience,
delivered by 23 x 160 watt reflector lamps in
the canopy, 17 x 160 watt reflector lamps in
the bench and 2 x 650 and 1 x 750 watt
adjustable facial lamps. Tan time - 12 mins.
Our Level 3 Sungate V2 features
SunBreeze AC, SunMist Cool Misting,
SunHaze Aromatherapy, and SunFresh
Air Ionizer
to create a luxurious tanning
experience.  Unique lamp configuration: 30
x 200 watt reflector lamps in the canopy, 4 x
1000 watt full parabolic facial boosters, 2 x
250 watt shoulder lamps, as well as 22 x
160 watt reflector lamps in the bench.  Tan
Time - 10 mins.
Our Two Level 2 SunCapsules, 54 lamp and
40 lamp respectively, feature 160 watt AUVL
VHR reflector lamps and a 22 mph high
velocity cooling fan.  Thie VHR unit features
a 6-sided design with a little more room than
the Light Stream's 5-sided design, to
ensure the most even tan.  Tan Time - 10
Our Massage Therapist will make you feel
like a million bucks!  Lisa is a master of
intuitive massage and movement.  Her
massages will relax and rejuvenate you like
never before. Your energy will balance and
relax you when Lisa gets her hands on you!
Our Tammy will compliment those feelings
pf relaxation with her amazing one hour
facial, half hour Reiki services or half hour
of ear candling services.  AND you will be
pleasantly delighted by the affordability for
such 5 star treatment!  Don't wait!  Get
your appointment with one of these two
amazing ladies now and take the time for
yourself to "Just Breathe" like never before!
Our Hair Station

Located in the best
natural light so that
you can rest assured the
color you pick
is the color you get!
Our Manicure Table

Set back in from the front
windows, it allows you
the comfort and quiet
needed to fulfill your
relaxation time.  Come
see what we have for you!
Our Shampoo Bowl

Located in toward the
back of the salon, will
give you that feeling of
gentle relaxation while
you get a scalp
massage and shampoo
like no other.
Our Pedicure Chair

Located in toward the back
of the salon, featuring
massage chair and warm
foot spa. You will feel like
you are being swept away to
a world of gentle relaxation
and massage.
Our Airbrush System

Designed by California Tan,
our Airbrush System is light,
easy to use and portable for
those "home spray parties"!  It
delivers an amazingly even
mist that our Spray Tech
Specialists love.  And you will
love the results!  If you feel
uncomfortable in a tanning
bed, but want that golden,
supple color for an upcoming
event, vacation or just
because..we have the perfect
solution for you!