Massage Therapy

Meesook Diaz-Lee, (just call her "J"), is a licensed and
insured massage therapist whose specialty lies in
evaluating your needs for the Shiatzu Acupressure
Deep Tissue massage.  Her massage is to "release"
the problem areas, increase circulation, remove toxins
and allow your body to properly heal.   Her passion for
this healing deep Shiatzu modality is unparalleled.  
This level of massage is not a "spa" or "swedish"
massage and is not designed for shy or the
feint-hearted.  It is a specialized deep-tissue
treatment.  Her goal is to help you improve problem
areas from long term, chronic pain and hopefully avoid
the necessity for more invasive procedures that may
vary in results.  

$45.00 for 30 minutes
$80.00 for 1 hour
$100.00 for 90 minutes

Massage Modality Available--
Medical & Deep Tissue
Ear Candling

This is an amazing, healing, non-invasive half hour service
designed to help remove toxins , wax, yeast and debris from the ear
canal.  It helps improve sinus conditions, relieves pressure, eases
headaches and helps with allergies.  A relaxing and healing service
with complimentary aromatherapy of your choice.  A perfect escape
from daily stress and assists recovery from a cold.  

$40.00 for 30 minutes (15 minutes per ear & only one candle per
Hydro Massage Bed

This is a most sublime experience.  Pop your shoes
off, take everything out of your pockets (so you don't
poke holes in the waterproof barrier), snuggle into the
cushioned and heated bed, pick your water "strength"
and press go!  As the three amazing jets shoot water
at an amazing speed at the water barrier you are
laying on, you will feel the "massage".  You control the
pressure of how hard the water hits the barrier, the
speed that it cycles from foot to head and back over
and over again during your session, and you can even
pinpoint exactly where you want the spouts to spray.  
You pick the time you want and then relax and
enjoy!!!  It is great to get the circulation going as a
pre-tan massage, to work the aching muscles of your
legs from standing all day, your low back from working
all day or your full back and neck from sitting at a desk
working all day.  Work the kinks out of your muscles
and enjoy!  If you are interested to give it a try ask at
the desk and we will get you set up!
Patti's Natural Nails

Bringing back The Craft!!  Vintage is in!  No more
so than with the NEW Old-Fashioned manicure and
pedicure process.  In this day of the hustle and
bustle, we all need to take the time for our own
personal "Ahh!!!" Well, now you can!  Patti Zaloski
is bringing back the days of a true spa manicure
and pedicure.

Patti's Pedicure for Women
Take time to savor a hot cup of tea or a cool glass
of wine while you enjoy the jets massaging your
aching, tired feet.  Peace and quiet or want to chat
about your day?...Whichever your desire.  A nice
soak to help hydrate the nail and cuticle, promoting
healthy feet and toes during our fall and winter
"boot" season.  Followed by a relieving and
rejuvenating scrub, oils & lotions from your knees
to your toes....ahhhhh!  Your choice of buff to a
shine, color, clear or French for a beautiful finish!  
Your feet will be revitalized and so will you!!  Take
yourself back in time to the days of kicking back
and relaxing through your pedicure rather than
feeling like each step is rushed to keep you on a
time limit.

Patti's Manicure for Women
Your choice of a hot cup of tea or a cool glass of
wine to start your relaxation process while your
hands are being pampered and spoiled.  Soaking
your fingers with a warm, natural soapy hand soak
helps to hydrate the nail and cuticle.  This is an
important step to promoting healthy cuticles and
healthy, beautiful nails.  Then be ready for an
amazing elbow to fingertip hydro moisturizing
treatment, working out every last ounce of stress
and ache...relaxing and revitalizing all in one
delicious step!  Add the warming mitts as a
wonderful final step in this process.  Your choice of
buff to a shine, color, clear or French Manicure for
a beautiful finish!  Walk away feeling like a princess
with hands pampered enough for a queen!


Patti's Pedicure for Men
Savor a hot tea or a cool glass of wine while you
enjoy a water jet massage and soak to soften dry
or cracked skin.  And then an amazing spa lotions
and oils to work away all the stress in your legs and
feet improving your circulation right to your toes!  
Includes hydrating the cuticles to avoid irritating
snags and buffing the nails to improve circulation to
your nail beds.  Clear or color polish applied at your
discretion.  Feel free to get funky!  For healthier
feet, toes and nails...It's a pedicure designed for
just you!

Patti's Manicure for Men
Your choice of a hot tea or cool glass of wine while
you enjoy a natural soak to hydrate cuticles and
nails, followed by amazing lotions and healing oils
from  elbow to fingertip, relieving stress and
promoting healing and strength.  The final step to
your manicure is to buff your nails to promote good
circulation to your nail bed and to the tips of your
fingers, improving your hand-health.  Clear or color
polish applied at your discretion.  For healthier
hands, fingers and's a manicure designed
just for you!