Cocoon Wellness Pod Pro
We call her EVA and she was
designed with wellness in mind for a
truly positive impact on your life...
What can Eva do for you?
With two motors ergonomically located to maximize effect for your legs and your back and six different
settings for each motor, you can truly personalize the massage you get during your session.  What does
vibration/massage do for you? It helps to improve circulation, breaks up inflammation, boosts metabolism,
helpful for leg and back pain and can help you have better sleep.  But that is not all.  A Harvard study found
evidence that continued vibration therapy can reduce cellulite and according to NASA studies it increases
your body's osteo blast production.  What that means for you as your body is increasing osteo blast
production, it is strengthening your bone mass and bone density, which is extremely important as we age.
Dry Heat Sauna "Shower":
A Harvard study shows circulation improvement, increase in pulse rate by 30% and double the blood- flow.  
What does this mean for you? It means if you have circulation problems, this can help you.  It is great for
workouts, speeds up metabolism with consistent use, increases flexibility as the blood vessels expand,
rejuvenates and invigorates your body and creates a toxin release, flushing toxins from your system.  It can
also help you achieve a meditative state for improved relaxation.  And with 6 different heat settings you are
in total control during your session.
Infrared Therapy:
If you have heard of red light therapy and all of the benefits it entails, you will love infrared therapy because
it is like red light therapy Turbo-charged! This amazing therapy helps your body with cellular regeneration.  It
actually works on a cellular level to decrease stress hormones that can block the production of ATP and it
helps repair and regenerate cells.  What is ATP?  It is Adenosine Triphosphate.  It is the energy currency of
life.  ATP is a high energy molecule found in every cell.  Its job is to store and supply the cell with needed
energy.  Any stress hormones or chemical reactions that can block ATP can affect your energy levels and
interfere with cellular regeneration.  Infrared, especially Far Infrared which is what we emit, creates fiber
blasts that help create collagen and repair and rebuild your cells.  It boosts your immune system and
metabolism.  And will actually help alleviate joint pain and help regenerate on a cellular level.
Himalayan Salt Therapy:
This is a well-known aid for people who suffer with sinus congestion and repeat infections.  It also helps to
improve lung function, purifies harmful organisms and is detoxifying, which promotes mental calmness.  This
can lead to a better quality of sleep.  This is a great tool for smokers or people who suffer with second-hand
smoke illnesses.
This is known to help relieve anxiety and depression.  A Mayo Clinic study has shown that aromatherapy can
improve the quality of life with chronic illness and may even decrease some of the effects of dementia*.  *It
is not a cure for dementia, but their studies show that with aromatherapy and olfactory senses engaged the
symptoms were lessened somewhat.